10 Things You Didn’t Know about… Arsenal

West Ham United

West Ham face Arsenal as David Moyes looks to capitalise on Saturday’s fantastic result here are 10 facts about our opponents on Wednesday

1. Arsenal were founded in 1886 by Munitions workers at the Dial Square workshop at the Royal Arsenal armaments factory in Woolwich.

2. One of the founder members of the club was a former Nottingham Forest goalkeeper by the name of Fred Beardsley. Beardsley obtained a set of red shirts from his former club giving Arsenal the club colours they still wear to this day.

3. The club moved from Woolwich to Highbury in 1913 where they would stay until there move to the Emirates in 2006. Highbury hosted 2010 Arsenal games and 12 England games including England’s first ever international against opposition outside of Great Britain and Ireland v Belgium, It also hosted 12 FA Cup semi-finals and the Heavyweight boxing bout between Muhammad Ali and Henry Cooper in 1966.

4. Highbury hosted an England v Italy game in 1934 which became known as the battle of Highbury, where England fielded 7 Arsenal players which is still a record number of players from one club. Italy were reigning World Champions at the time having won the 1934 World Cup, but because of England’s refusal to take part in the World Cup this game was seen by many as the real World Cup final. The game was seen as important enough by Italian leader Mussolini to offer each Italian player an Alfa Romeo car should they beat the English. England won the game 3-2.

5. Arsenals former manager Herbert Chapman was one of the most forward thinking managers of his time leading the club to huge success in the 20’s and early 30’s. He was one of the first managers to actually select the team (most clubs relied on committee) he was also one of the most ardent supporters of amongst many other things European club competition, floodlights and numbered shirts, he is now widely recognised as on the true great innovators of the game. One small change that we see today that was made in recognition of him rather by him, is the tradition of both sides walking out side by side at the Cup final. This was first arranged at the 1930 FA Cup final between Arsenal and Huddersfield in recognition of Chapman’s service to both clubs.

6. Arsenal took part in the first ever game broadcast live on the radio against Sheffield United in 1927  and the first game ever televised live on TV against their Reserve team in 1937. They also appeared in the very first edition of Match of the Day when highlights of their game against Liverpool were shown in 1964.

7. Arsenal have on the League 13 times and the FA Cup a record 13 times they have also won the League Cup twice.

8. Arsenal have finished runners up in each of the major European competitions, the Champions League in 2006. The Cup winners Cup in 1980 and 1995 and the UEFA Cup in 2000. They have won the Fairs Cup in 1970 ( predecessor to UEFA Cup) and the Cup Winners Cup in 1994

9. West Ham were the last opposition to win at Highbury with a 3-2 win in Feb 2006 and the first to win at the Emirates with a 1-0 win in April 2007.

10. West Ham have played Arsenal 174 times winning 49 drawing 45 losing 80. West Ham have won 1 of the last 6 losing 3-0 in the most recent meeting in April 2017.