Moore Than Just A Club

Bad Romance

Being a West Ham supporter is never easy and as the saying goes if it’s fixed break it certainly resonates with the mighty Hammers.
After the shambollic performance against relegation rivals who were considered dead certs for relegation a short while ago we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a relegation dog fight. Leapfrogged on Saturday by the flying Swans. Our stay in The Premier League is looking far from certain.

The proposed March and the verbal abuse of joint owner David Gold after the game have done nothing to unify fans who should be focused on onfield matters. Teams around us are showing a bit of form and this years relegation battle looks like going down to the last game of the season. One things for certain I won’t fancy us needing 3 points against Everton on the final game of the season.

Nine more Cup Finals to play to secure another season in The Premier League. It’s getting a bit tedious now looking at the fixtures and saying we’ll win that, nick a point there and go down fighting here. We need to get back to winning sharpish. West Brom look the most obvious to get relegated leaving us and the other 8 teams around us in the mire.

One things for certain this has to be a wake up call to the club. I never thought we’d be in the position we are now after moving. I was expecting, like many others big things for ourselves. Whether the club have made concessions for relegation remains to be seen but the current squad who are struggling now look even less equipped for The Championship.

How many of our more high profile players would still be around at the start of next season. I can think of two who’d be off in a shot and a couple of others who’ll also be in demand. The same way teams raise their game visiting The London Stadium we’ll have to add The West Ham factor into that, everyone wants to turn over the cockneys.

There’s some pretty established Big Clubs in The Championship who’ve spent far too long in the division who also have aspirations of the riches The Premier League brings. Although sometimes silent and soulless The London Stadium is still capable of a fantastic atmosphere, whether a night match against a less glamorous team can lift the roof is another matter.

Fingers crossed we can give a performance against Burnley and push talk of relegation to the back of our minds. I don’t think I can cope with the heartache of another relegation. There’s been a few.

Looking around the division and the situation of other teams and their own expectations. Arsenal fans in meltdown as their team struggle to make the top four (how cool would that be top four almost every season) where as Brighton’s objective was to somehow stay in The Premier League without getting spanked every week. Ours surely had to be build a strong enough squad to not only stay in the division but to compete in the Cup competitions too.

Wherever we end up this season the time has come to put a plan in place regarding management, players and direction of the club. This must be the wake up call that hopefully the clubs shortfalls will be addressed. I for one would love to be able to watch a game in my seat rather than through my fingers. Nothing but three points will do on Saturday.

Burnley will be licking their lips at the match and I’m sure the nervy atmosphere won’t help our players. The pressure was on in our last home match versus Watford and we got the result we wanted. Confidence is low both on and off the pitch, if we’ve any hope of getting positive result then we need to give that from the stands first. We need to forget whatever divisions within the club and support our team for ninety odd minutes on Saturday.

We don’t support our team for the glory we do it out of a warped love. There’s more downs that ups but I still keep coming back for more like thousands of others. Why? It’s a one way love affair me giving all but rarely getting anything in return. I’m hopeful that I might get a like tweet by a player one day or a sweaty shirt from their back. Can you imagine get an Instagram comment from Nobes!! Like I said “Ever hopeful”. Fingers crossed three points on Saturday then it’ll be happy days for the weekend.

This really has to be a solid performance and nothing less than three points will do. The time has come for the players to perform and finally give us poor fans something to shout about.