Boo Boys Need to Back Down

West Ham United

The boos rang out around the London Stadium at half time as the two teams walked off after 45 minutes of fairly poor football from both West Ham and Swansea, the natives were restless and were not afraid to let it be known. Quite why they do it when the game is only half way through i cant start to understand, but the eruption on 77 minutes that greeted his decision to remove Hernandez, who was not having his best game for the Hammers, for Diafro Sakho had to heard to be believed.

You dont know what your doing was the message behind the noise, that seem to be created by most of the crowd judging by the volume of it, and yet it was the combination of his substitutions that won the game win the last minute to push West Ham up the table and physiologically in a much better place outside of the bottom three.

Im not going to defend the performance from Saturdays game as it wasn’t great, Swansea had the better of the game in the first half, though they looked weak upfront as much as West Ham did.

Bilic to me looked to have set out a 442 formation, my personal favourite, for the first time this season, switching from a back 3 or 5 depending o your outlook. The players seemed to struggle with this as ball retention looked to be a big problem and we surrendered the ball too many times in the middle of the pitch.

The second half was no real improvement, Swansea away from home are not the easiest team to break down, in fact, all 5 of their points have come away from home, Clement has them organised but ordinary, they had yet to concede a goal away from home so to finally break them down and secure the win no matter how late on should be a cause to celebrate not berate.

But No, the fickle fans are still not happy.

Two polls on social media followed, Bilic in or Bilic out,

Overwhelmingly both were Bilic out, quite why though i dont understand.

West Ham are not the big club it seems many of the fanbase think we are, we have no god given right to be in the top 10 of the top league. Judge our history and even then all our successes were achieved in a 16 year period between 1964 and 1980.

In the last two season we have finished Seventh, our joint second highest ever premier league finish which Bilic share with Glen Roeder, and Eleventh.

Bilic is the only manager to finish on a positive goal difference in the premier league era for West Ham, so to finish seventh and eleventh on paper looks a good achievement for the club and the manager.

Yet the fan base it seems has fractured and most are now willing to turn their back on him, quite who they expect will take over i wouldn’t like to say, but unless the fans on Bilic’s back come to their senses then every bad performance or defeat will just see more public displays of displeasure.

I hope the two week break for the international fixtures will give fans time to just forget what has gone on and then come the away day in Burnley get behind the team and more importantly get behind the manager otherwise this season as like many in the recent past, the off field side show may become the main talking point of the season and not the team we all look at to support.