Moore Than Just A Club

Legend wanted. Please apply to WHUFC

Not since the former chubby 27 (I’m sorry but I can’t say his name) waddled back across The Channel have we had a player to excite and get us on the edge of our seats.

Will the next hero please stand up!! A leader workaholic box to box hat-trick scoring penalty stopping hard tackling no-nonsense claret and blue superstar. A man that breathes fire and is all guts and thunder with more tricks up his sleeve than Dynamo. We’ve had Legends and Cult Heros, Moore, Hurst, Peter and Taylor, then there’s Brooking, Bonds, Di Canio, Tevez. What about Potts, Devonshire, Cole and Noble? Hang on, McAvenie, Dicks and Cottee the list goes on.

In recent years we’ve not had much to shout out about in the legends department. When Adrian flung his gloves to the ground and thundered the ball into the net against Everton he instantly became a cult hero. Bang!!

Vaz Te in the playoffs and Carlton Cole, well he joins the Cults for being Carlton Cole. Ray Stewart and Thomas Repka are in and so is Ludo, Mad Dog, Moncur and Razor. Ginge is the only current player who gives his all. Not the most talented or gifted but for effort and busting a gut a definite cult hero.

Who’s gonna step up in our season of woe and take a game by the scruff of the neck and become a hero? When will the club shop sell out of shirts bearing his name? When will we hear our new hero’s song? The panic when the transfer window opens and we break into a sweat hearing Zidane say “I is very keen on zis player, not only us but many clubs in Errope too”.

Will this be the season a bloodied and bandaged player scores the 98th minute winner at The Emirates before being whisked off to A&E in an ambulance. A cup final terrier nipping at defenders toes before heading in the winner.

I’m waiting for someone, anyone to roll down their socks and do something outrageous and out of the ordinary to save our season. Still in one cup and Shrewsbury waiting in the FA Cup Third Round. There are loads of opportunities for cult hero status. Who’ll go on a mazy half to half dribble before back heeling into an empty net. Not naming names but I can’t think of many of our current squad who we’ll look back on in a few years and say “what a legend”.

What makes a hero? In my eyes it’s about being one of us, for those ninety odd minutes you live and breathe West Ham. You fight, you run you try and regardless of the score or the outcome you never let your head drop. If after all that you come off the pitch and you’ve left nothing on it then that’ll do for me. Fingers crossed at the end of the season we’ll bid farewell to our International players World Cup bound hoping that they’ve kissed the West Ham badge and pledged allegiance to the club.

For now we can only hope that Legendary Status awaits.